Humanic illustrations

570  illustrations elements
192   Scenes
378   Characters

Humanic is one of our largest characters and scenes pack so far. We're already into version 2 from developing this pack, our focus now is to make great empty state illustrations that fit perfectly for any website or application.

We've included a huge amount of characters that live together in a unique world that has a unique anatomy style with wide shoulders, small heads and comic body build. Each of the characters is doing a different action available as a standalone person and as an empty state scene that you can use right away.

Since this pack is quite large you will definitely find all the illustrations you need to create big projects that needs multiple scenes. Humanic illustrations is based on our original "Curvy people" banner illustrations featured on our website we decided to develop this more and increase the number of character to give wider options as this was our most popular illustration pack.

Also we included a ready to use library for Figma, Adobe Xd, sketch and all optimized SVG and Png files along with the source vector file as Adobe illustrator format for easy editing.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 2
  • 25% Discount on icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

man, leisure, laptop, computer, work from home, remote

man, leisure, smartphone, tree

spring cleaning, woman, paper, page

man, briefcase, suitcase, business

shopping, man, groceries, store

yoga, meditation, fitness, man

man, sitting, outdoor, tree

child, travel, imagination, adventure

woman, leisure, computer, laptop

photographer, camera, man

man, photographer, photography, camera

hispter, woman, female, person

child, shopping, cart, woman, girl

man, dog, pet, outdoors

hands in pockets, woman, female, person

handy man, man, hammer, home

mover, occupation, man, chair

man, library, books, book

bike, bicycle, transport, man

man, jog, park, tree

meditate, meditation, woman, tea

travel, couple, man, woman, luggage, airport

man, home, smartphone, laptop

man, chat, online, computer, laptop

playground, swings, woman

pull rope, trophy, award, man

webpage, build, browser, man

stretch, yoga, fitness, woman

jogger, beach, activity, man

home leisure, entertainment, electronics, device, man

romance, couple, man, woman

gardening, woman, plants, watering

outdoors, man, male, person

bathroom, leisure, robe, woman

ballerina, woman, girl, person

start up, launch, rocket, man

computer, desk, lamp, woman

parents, mother, father, stroller

hipster, man, male, person

suspenders, man, male, person

golf, golfing, man, activity, hobby

man, woman, cafe, table

woman, bag, phone, female

woman, leisure, home, chair

man, woman, team work, website

tourist, male, man, person

woman, person, female

woman, shopping, bags, commerce, ecommerce

woman, business, suitcase, briefcase

man, coffee, bag, streetlight

dislike, bad, man, business

woman, meditation, yoga, fitness

woman, happy, celebrate

tourist, woman, city, buildings

mother, child, boy, woman

woman, balloon, plant, terrace

woman, meditate, meditation, fitness

server, electronic, device, woman

man, desk, smartphone, chair

child, fly, imagination, adventure

handstand, yoga, meditation, woman

child, imagination, travel, adventure

woman, travelling, luggage, ariport

fitness, meditation, yoga, woman

man, jump, obstacle, leaves

yoga, fitness, woman, meditation

jump, woman, happy

winter, man, male, person

exploration, rocket, man

building, fence, water tower, man

meditation, yoga, fitness, man

woman, home, air conditioner, comfort

girl, child, fly, imagination, adventure

business, man, office, work

woman, bookshelf, book, plant

investigator, woman, person, female

woman, park, bench

woman, volleyball, player, sport

plant, man, male, person

woman, sign, arrow, direction

outdoors, meditation, yoga, woman

bicycle, bike, man, outdoors, tree

child, boy, star, city

internet, woman, media, search

man, announcement, megaphone, marketing

architect, construction, helmet, woman

gardening, man, male, person

business, man, document

woman, selfie, smartphone, clock

child, hero, imagination, adventure

woman, happy, jumping

female, woman, holiday, beach, vacation

man, woman, moving in, couple, suitcase

office, man, chair, business

workspace, office, desk, computer, man

woman, paper, page, article

celebrate, woman, jump, happy, outdoors

running, run, woman, activity

home, yoga, meditation, woman

autumn, umbrella, woman, park

mall, escalator, man, smartphone

photographer, camera, man, person

woman, handbag, female, person

mother, child, parent, woman, girl

man, graph, statistics, analytics

man, meditate, meditation, outdoors

woman, travel, luggage, airport

couple, travel, man, woman, luggage, airport

woman, holiday, beach, vacation

child, girl, boat, forest

office spaoce, workspace, woman, laptop, computer

increase money, finance, arrow, woman

man, finance, money, city

man, woman, travel, hiking

drink, beverage, bar, woman

train, metro, man, music

snowman, build, winter, child

shopping, ecommerce, commerce, woman

woman, yoga, meditation, fitness

calendar, woman, female, person

group picture, picture, photo, woman, women

shopping haul, bags, woman

idea, thought, bench, woman, book

business, man, achievement, happy

woman, desk, computer, workspace

woman, workspace, laptop, chair

woman, shopping, bags, commerce

man, jogging, sport, activity

picnic, relax, leisure, outdoors, man

shirtless man, man, male, person

woman, beach, holiday, vacation

soccer, player, sport, game, man

man, workspace, office, tablet

man, talk, speech

cool guy, man, male, person

laptop, computer, city, man

lightbulb, idea, thought, office, woman

browser, files, man, graph

man, newspaper, table, chair

presentation, graph, statistics, woman

trumpet, player, musician, man

mother, child, woman, parent

social media, likes, selfie, woman

woman, studio, fitness, sport

clothing, clothes, woman, seamstress

message, web browser, browser, website, woman

meditation, meditate, woman, home

guitar, player, musician, music, man

man, celebrate, happy

woman, holiday, vacation, beach

studio, yoga, meditation, woman

woman, surfing, surfboard

meditation, yoga, fitness, woman

travel, man, woman, travel, firehouse

beach, holiday, vacation, woman

man, outdoors, mountain, smartphone

child, adventure, travel, imagination

outdoors, yoga, meditation, woman

child, airplane, travel, imagination, adventure

workout, home, fitness, woman

woman, sport, fitness, yoga

leisure, woman, female, smartphone

imagination, adventure, travel, child

man, briefcase, city, fence

volleyball, player, man, sport, activity

home, meditation, yoga, woman

woman, website, statistics, analytics

home, woman, yoga, meditation

skater, skateboard, man, activity

man, smoking, dog, home

couple, shopping, commerce, ecommerce, purchase

texting, chat, man, male, person

wheelbarrow, construction, worker, man

shopping spree, shopping, bag, discount, woman

bar television, television, bar, entertainment, woman

jumping, woman, dance, outdoors

water, pool, woman, holiday, vacation

man, laptop, nervous, computer

woman, rise, increase, arrow, business

woman, child, fly, imagination, adventure

fitness, yoga, meditation, woman

mp3 player, music, entertainment, woman

woman, city, building, tourist

adventure, imagination, child, girl

elderly man, man, male, person

business, man, suitcase, work

children, explore, adventure, boy, girl

stretch, fitness, yoga, woman

meditation, outdoors, meditate, man

female, woman, person

yoga, meditation, fitness, woman

selfie, woman, smartphone, phone


These are the essense of each of our illustrations, the main actors that deliver your message. We really care about character design and try to include as many position, actions and diversity as we can, this way we make sure that you have everything you need to create a nice illustration. If we missed a character or a pose just send us an e-mail and we'll add it I our future updates.

woman, shopping, cart, commerce, ecommerce

female, yoga, pose, stretch, fitness

man, trumpet, musician, music

man, glasses, backpack

woman, cleaning, maid, occupation, housekeeping

man, woman, hat, document, file

child, girl, travel, explore, discover

woman, celebrate, dance, happy

man, suitcase, briefcase, business

man, woman, telescope, backpack

man, mover, occupation, chair

girl, ballerina, child, dance, activity

man, photographer, camera, device

men, man, mover, occupation, work

woman, computer, chair, laptop, sit

woman, yoga, circle, female

business, man, run, suitcase

suitcase, child, explore, discover, boy, girl

man, pull, rope, person

burglar, thief, steal, man

american football, football, man, sport, game

punch, woman, sport, martial art, boxing

woman, meditation, meditate, fitness

man, walk, activity

man, camera, photographer, photography, device

woman, box, package, sort, delivery

woman, walk, jacket

woman, shopping, bag, ecommerce

woman, book, backpack, bag

man, sport, celebrate, game

meditate, woman, yoga, pose

man, maintenance, construction, ladder

man, bag, luggge, baggage

woman, document, paper, read

woman, jump, celebrate, celebration

woman, select, layout, website

woman, backpack, hiking, mountain climbing

suitcase, explore, discover, child, boy, girl

girl, woman, female, person

man, skateboard, skating, activity, hobby

woman, groceries, shopping, shop

baseball, bat, man, men, sport, game

woman, package, box, carry

man, sweats, track suit

stretch, yoga pose, female, person

woman, carry, box, dog

man, delivery, occupation, work, men

man, elder, catch

children, girl, boy, explore, discover

woman, basketball, ball, sport

man, fitness, meditate, meditation

climb, woman, woman climbing, sport

woman, sit, lean

woman, reach, women, friendship

woman, jumper, sweater

child, children, boat, girl

woman, workout, yoga, pose, stretch

woman, gardening, garden, watering, female

woman, desk, computer, laptop, chair

relax, leisure, pool, water, woman

message, woman, document, paper, page

woman, arrow, down, female

man, pilot, occupation

woman, sit, cross legged, computer, laptop

man, rucksack, tablet, electronic, device

woman, construction, maintenance, occupation

man, shorts, jacket

man, cross legged, sit, laptop, computer

man, walk, dog, pet

woman, carry, large box, package

holiday, summer, beach, bikini, woman

woman, speech, talk, conversation

man, phone, smartphone, bag, backpack

climb, woman, wall climbing, sport, fitness

man, sit, read, paper

couple, father, mother, stroller, child

man, bike, bicycle, transportation

woman, bend, lean, call

woman, stewardess, luggage, baggage, travel

man, pull, rope, box

woman, fall, falling, person

man, carry, box, package

man, woman, painting, painter

woman, painting, paint, art

astronaut, man, woman, suit

jetpack, girl, child, explore, discover

construction worker, man, drill, construction, occupation

social media, call, woman, female

man, woman, carry, move

man, paper, document, page

man, drill, electric, maintenance, worker

woman, balloon, party, decoration

woman, travel, luggage, baggage, suitcase

woman, celebration, celebrate, jump

man, dislike, smartphone, phone, electronic, device

doctor, medical, healthcare, woman

woman, tablet, smartphone, device

woman, carry, painting, frame

man, woman, announcement, megaphone, marketing

man, computer, monitor, desk

woman, business, jump, celebrate

jetpack, child, boy, girl, explore, discover

pilates, yoga, fitness, stretch

camera, photography, device, man

woman, shopping, bag, box

woman, waitress, stewardess, occupation

man, leisure, bean bag, laptop, computer

woman, sleep, tablet, electronic, device

hat, summer, bikini, woman

lightbulb, thought, idea, bench, book

man, business, suit, profession

woman, business, computer, laptop

travel, suitcase, woman, baggage

woman, sport, golf, game

man, bat, baseball, game, sport

man, sit, chair, entertainment, snack

woman, female, pose, yoga, stretch

man, carry, book, notebook

woman, reach, female, person

man, firefighter, occupation, hose

rocket, launch, start up, man

woman, laptop, computer, electronic, device_1

woman, dance, yoga, wellness

woman, volleyball, ball, sport, game

man, climb, suit, business

man, woman, server, electronic, device

woman, document, paper, page

woman, sit, leisure, smartphone

man, hat, tshirt, jeans

man, carry, move, forklift, occupation

football, man, men, sport, game

shopping, shopping bag, commerce, ecommerce, woman

man, sit, leisure, smartphone

woman, sign, female, carry

woman, box, package, carry

man, sakteboard, backpack, baggage

doctor, woman, medical, healthcare

man, hammer, construction, helmet, occupation

shopping, woman, bag, commerce, ecommerce

man, soccer, ball, sport

woman, workout, gym, weights, fitness

man, hockey, sport, game

woman, dance, celebrate, dancing

elder, man, older, suspenders

man, shirtless, belt

woman, oomputer, laptop, business

yoga, woman, female, person, stretch

couple, man, woman, travel, explore

woman, sunglasses, suspenders

man, climbing, climb, sport, fitness

woman, shoot, gun, weapon, violence

man, suit, business

climb, mountain, backpack, man, woman

woman, selfie, smartphone, phone, camera

woman, fly, jump

director, child, woman, chair, camera

woman, arrow, up, female

woman, pose, model, bikini, female

woman, bun, home

man, elder, injured, cane

woman, presentation, project

woman, climb, steps

elder, man, cane, chair, sit

child, boy, girl, explore, discover

woman, laptop, computer, electronic, device

woman, pose, couch, seat

man, speakerbox, speaker, boombox, woman

woman, backpack, scarf, beanie

man, thought, idea, speech, communication

man, bag, garbadge man

man, work, computer, laptop

surfer, man, surfboard, surfing, sport

man, mechanic, wrench, drill, occupation

man, sport, game, softball

woman, man, jacket

man, tourist, point, backpack

boxer, woman, boxing, sport, game

man, smartphone, hat

female, woman, pose, yoga, stretch

woman, man, delivery, box, package

man, strong, muscle, gym, workout

wellness, yoga, strech, woman

man, backpack, sunglasses

date, man, woman, table, furniture, chair

man, golf, golfing, sport, game

woman, shorts, sweater

man, finance, money, smartphone, business

dance, couple, romance, romantic, man, woman

woman, play, media, multimedia

architect, construction, worker, occupation, man

man, carry, bag

man, chaise lounge, chair, electronic, device

woman, selfie, smartphone, phone

walk, happy, woman, female

woman, exercise, fitness, sport

thought, design, man

woman, hurry, backpack, document

man, woman, shopping, shop, run, bag

man, sit, table, chair, furniture

launch, rocket, start up, man

architect, woman, helmet, construction

man, bicycle, transportation

woman, briefcase, bag, business

hipster, girl, female, woman

man, woman, couple, suitcase, luggage, baggage

man, website, webpage, browser

man, mover, delivery, delivery, occupation

child, children, travel, explore, discover

boy, child, star, decorate

volleyball, sport, game, man

woman, fall, dance

mother, child, daughter, backpack, book

woman, skirt, handbag, bag

woman, female, shopping, bag

camera, photography, camera, man

man, tennis, sport, racket

female, sign, woman, carry

man, shovel, tool

man, carry, arrow, right

man, telescope, search, find

woman, weight lifting, gym, fitness

man, lean, read, reading

man, skateboard, skating, activity

man, thief, burglar, frame, painting

man, climb, jump

man, jump, punch, celebrate, celebration

woman, female, person, telescope

man, carry, delivery, package

couple, travel, suitcase, baggage, luggage

woman, girl, female, person

man, baseball, sport, game

run, running, woman, fitness, sport

man, male, chef, cook, profession

woman, golf, sport, game

woman, figure skating, skating, sport

woman, falling, female, girl

man, lean, desk, tablet, electronic, device

woman, shovel, tool

man, celebrate, celebration, sports

man, kneel, male, person

man, reach, fitness

fitness, yoga, stretch, woman, female

surfer, man, surfing, surfboard, sport

woman, female, presentation

man, glasses, beard

man, run, fitness, sport

man, tool, bar, person

woman, backpack, luggage, books

man, messenger bag, bag, smartphone

yoga pose, yoga, stretch, woman, female

woman, bar, stool, drink, beverage

woman, home, air conditioner, chair

woman, messenger bag, drink, beverage

woman, tool, shovel

woman, fall, drop

spa, wellness, woman, person

woman, skating, figure skating, sport

man, lift, box, package, delivery

woman, graph, analytics, statistics

woman, painting, frame, art

woman, selfie, electronic, device

man, meditation, meditate, fitness

woman, paper airplane, memo, message

woman, lean, female, skirt

woman, luggage, baggage, suitcase, travel

hiker, hiking, mountain climbing, explorer, man

skateboard, skating, activity, hobby

woman, casual, handbag, bag

man, carry, woman, couple

woman, pose, model, sit

man, chair, business, jacket

man, groceries, shopping, commerce

woman, scarf, winter, female

man, computer, business, suit

woman, circle, shape

jump, woman, dance, celebrate

maid, housekeeping, woman, cleaning, clean

man, pencil, design

man, investigator, occupation, detective

man, star, rating, review

man, booklet, book, business

woman, arrow, up, business

woman, settings, gears

man, computer, laptop, male

man, baseball, bat, ball, sport

woman, meditate, meditation

protestor, man, woman, megaphone, announcement

woman, tennis, sport, racket

woman, female, chef, cook, profession

man, sit, work, computer, laptop

children, paper, school, backpack

soccer, goal keeper, man, sport, game

woman, thought, lightbulb, light, innovation

plugin, woman, puzzle, person

mechanic, man, tire, wheel

chair, man, leisure, relaxation, smoke

photographer, woman, female, camera, device

man, air guitar, male, person

children, child, travel, explore, discover

man, mover, warehouse, package

man, sit, cross legged

woman, stretch, dance, celebrate

man, basketball, ball, sport, game

woman, sit, relax, leisure, chair

yoga, woman, drink, beverage, bag

jump, celebrate, woman, female

woman, photography, photographer, camera, device

man, shopping, cart, shopping cart, commerce

woman, karate, martial art, sport

man, proposal, romantic, romance, ring

rope climbing, woman, fitness, sport

wall climbing, climb, climbing, woman, sport

woman, hide, wall, female

woman, driving, drive, vehicle, transportation, travel

man, megaphone, announcement, marketing

man, call, wall, hide

man, desk, chair, smartphone, phone

man, yoga, stretch, fitness

woman, chair, seat, sit

man, stairs, upstairs, step

man, headphones, mp3 player, bag

meditation, woman, yoga, pose

pose, yoga, stretch, fitness, woman

man, bag, briefcase

doctor, medical, healthcare, man

carry, man, box, package, delivery

man, sport, fitness, ice hockey, hockey

man, dislike, thumbs down

man, shield, security, protection

man, meditate, yoga, pose

stretch, fitness, yoga, pose, woman

police man, police, law enforcement, man, occupation

man, chop, chopping, axe

woman, smartphone, phone, celebrate

woman, device, laptop, computer

dance, woman, celebrate, female

woman, surf, surfing, surfboard, sport

woman, umbrella, scarf, jacket

woman, tablet, electronic, device

woman, man, couple, romance, romantic

man, box, package, delivery

man, pull, leash, rope

woman, man, skiing, ski

woman, stretch, fitness, yoga

guitar, man, music, instrument, musician

nurse, doctor, man, medical, healthcare

woman, headphone, mp3 player, music, walk

woman, jump, selfie, smartphone

woman, roller brush, painting, painter

hero, child, game, imagination

stretching, yoga, woman, female, person

child, snowman, children, winter, snow

man, drink, smartphone, phone

woman, drink, beverage, glass, beach

woman, bag, shopping, ecommerce, commerce

sun bathing, woman, bikini, bathing suit

woman, bag, handbag, baggage

man, stroll, walk, jump

man, bald, messenger bag, bag, drink

woman, cap, backpack

romance, couple, suitcase, baggage, luggage

man, saxophone, instrument, music

arrow, up, woman, business, analytics

man, smartphone, phone, electronic, device

man, jump, celebrate, business

woman, female, stretch, pose, yoga

man, camera, photography, device

woman, yoga, female, person, stretch

man, computer, laptop, work

man, painter, maintenance, construction, occupation

woman, female, group, selfie, picture

woman, surfing, surfboard, sport, activity

woman, document, page, paper

rugby, man, sport, game

mother, child, boy, son, family

man, backpack, bag, baggage

woman, pull, rope, leash

man, construction, wheelbarrow

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