Abstrike illustrations

110  illustrations elements
110   Scenes

Creating a unique style is hard in today's world, but these illustrations will certainly set your projects apart. Using a crayon style brush stroke and muted colors make these illustrations impactful while staying somewhat simple.

Abstrike might seem like a simple style, but they are unique in their own way. Using less intense colors as to not overpower the project but adding a touch of art with the crayon style lines. These illustrations feature 90 handmade drawings that will not go amiss in any project as they add a touch of creativity that will make the rest of the layout stand out. While it may seem that the colours are simply filled in, they have their own brush strokes within that make them even more eye catching.

These illustrations are very user friendly, being made 100% vector makes them very easy to edit. You can change everything from scale to colour so that they can fit your needs. We have even made several different formats for you so that you have everything you need to make your project even better with our scenes.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on Roundicons.com icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

facility, utilities, facilities, accommodation, spa, swimming pool

mail, peace, love, woman, female, person, message, love, romance, bird, communication

promotion, ad, advertisement, marketing, announcement

peace, message, bird, animal, freedom

destination, location, marker, pin, navigation

fair trade, trade, trading, confirm, business

raise, improvement, career, business, increase

multitasking, tasks, business, work, workspace

profit, measure, arrow, increase, cloud, measurement, ruler, woman, female, person

deals, agreement, business, arrangement, contract

dance, streaming, fun, man, male, person, music, audio, entertainment, boombox, sound

woman, female, person, edit, pencil, write, notes

promo code, promotion, discount, code, tag, percentage, ecommerce

browse, library, browsing, shopping, discount, ecommerce

group chat, chat, conference, call, communication, smartphone, woman, female, person

production, industry, factory, machinery, machine

observation, privacy, stalking, view, visibility, bird, nature, woman, female, person

maps, direction, location, navigation, smartphone, pointer, marker, destination, electronic, device

luggage weighing, luggage, baggage, weight, scale, measure

funding, fund, money, donation, finance

satisfied client, happy, satisfied, client, customer, service

teamwork, team work, team, kite, activity

entertainment, music, audio, sound, cat, instrument, song, concert

opportunity, chance, fishing, search, bait

trouble shoot, trouble shooting, wave, disaster, customer service

target market, aim, marketing, target, archery

cloud storage, cloud, storage, drive, upload

balance, measure, measurement, balancing, comparison

support, safety, protection, flag, flagged

playground, play, activity, entertainment, enjoyment

completed, achievement, trophy, award, reward

taking a break, break time, leisure, relaxation, relax

exploration, explore, discovery, discover, underwater

restaurant, food, meal, burger, fast food

motivation, money, bonus, profit, cash, finance

time, time management, clock, timing, business

remote working, workspace, laptop, computer, business

play, arcade, joy, machine, gaming, man, male, person

planning, blueprint, design, architecture, inspiration

apps, diversity, tray, man, male, person, shapes, shape, inbox, communication, storage

value, star, rating, review, comment

customer care, customer service, hand gesture, client, service

deal, corporate, shake hand, agreement, business, man, male, person

paid vacation, travelling, travel, money, cash

payment option, payment, finance, cash, card, credit card

upgrade, improvement, add, increase, people

eco friendly, ecology, planet, earth, protection

experiment, chemistry, science, lab, laboratory

airport shuttle, transport, transportation, airport, bus

threat, danger, warning, dangerous, caution

bonus, money, finance, business, cash

transportation, teleportation, delivery, travel, transport

discount sale, discount, price, ecommerce, percentage

dinner, restaurant, food, meal, cat

calculate, calculator, calculation, math, mathematics

account, person, profile, settings, options

interaction, like, social media, social network, hand gesture

measure, measurement, height, tall, animal

security check, airport, travel, security, safety

profit, bonus, toy, increase, dog, bone

team work, man, woman, business, activity

notification, picture, social, media, photography, photo, gallery, network

ai, artificial, intelligence, robot, robotics, technology

delivery, shopping, box, package, bird, stork

feedback, rating, comments, social media, ecommerce, customer service

result, achievment, magic trick, magic, achieve

offline, network, internet, connection, off grid

variety, choice, ecommerce, commerce, different

protection, security, shield, fight, safety

accommodation, housing, hotel, rating, hostel

gift, present, box, package, surprise, delivery

coversion, conversion, math, mathematics, calculation

green production, ecology, factory, industry, nature

presentation, graph, chart, business, proposal

empty, trash, cache, clear, rubbish, garbage, can, man, male, person

landscape, outdoors, nature, field, horizone

reach, marketing, announcement, ad, advertisement, alien

insurance, protection, umbrella, business, rain

remove, kick out, soccer, game, player

obstacle, business, target, achievement, flag

idea, thought, brain storm, business, lightbulb

good deals, shopping, ecommerce, commerce, sale, discount

streaming, online, web, internet, video, multimedia

control, controlling, hand gesture, mind control

discussion, meeting, conversation, communication, talk

transportation, vehicle, scooter, transport, vespa

accounts, users, profile, man, woman, person, male, female, data, picture

add to cart, basket, cart, shopping, ecommerce, shop

files, folder, work, business, sorting, document

vision, visibility, submarine, exploration, explore

renewable energy, energy, power, solar, wind, ecology

startup, start up, business, launch, rocket

review, rating, customer service, customer service, comment

meditation, peace, content, leisure, fitness, spiritual, spirit, woman, female, person

cloud, storage, files, media, multimedia, cloud storage

vacation, holiday, parasol, beach, leisure, relaxation

strategy, thought, mind, idea, innovation, business

destination, globe, explore, navigation, marker, pointer, international, man, male, person

exploration, cat, explore, discovery, discover

growth, maintenance, man, male, person, flower, rose, beauty, gift, present

location, address, bus, trasnportation, marker, pin

waiting, wait, time, waiting room, patience

promotion, discount, marketing, woman, female, person, percentage, price, ecommerce

shops, tray, items, sale, woman, female, person, shopping, ecommerce, cart, purchase

shared equaly, percentage, percent, divide, distribute

investment, eco life, ecology, eco, earth, planet

trumpet, announcement, music, audio, man, male, person, notification, marketing

unboxing, package, surprise, box, parcel, unbox, man, male, person

promotion, career, business, man, rise

adjustment, settings, robot, ai, options, preferences

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