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111   Scenes

If you’re looking for a simple line comic book feel, you have come to the right place. These illustrations are fun and hugely varied to express whatever concept you want to show.

The Tuesday illustration pack comes with 100 vector illustrations. It may look simple, but they are actually more detailed than you might think. With this large collection of individual illustrations and characters, you won’t be needing any more additions to get your message across. Plus all our illustrations are vector, making scaling and editing details such as color a breeze. We focused on creating fun looking yet minimal and clean scenes that are perfect for use as empty state illustrations for websites and applications.

Download includes Ai source files, SVG, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD libraries and raster PNG formats.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on Roundicons.com icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

rocket, launch, toy, game, man, remote

judge, law, profession, justice, courtroom, court

woman, chop, cooking, knife, spices, salt, pepper

woman, movement, celebrate, celebration, dance, dancing, happy

woman, gardening, garden, watering, plant, flower, floral

man, key, enter, home, entrance, unlock, door

woman, vehicle, travel, car, automobile, pet, cat

man, carry, log, wood, teamwork, nature, outdoors

woman, read, newspaper, article, news

award, reward, trophy, achievement, man, woman

man, aquarium, fish, fishtank, animal, wildlife

woman, presentation, graph, chart, arrow, increase

robotics, build, repair, man, activity, profession

woman, compare, weight, elephant, animal, wildlife, scale

boy, alphabet, learning, study, education, child

surprise, man, box, package, unbox, happy

celebrate, celebration, man, dance, happy, emotion

woman, drink, beverage, wine, glass

woman, bird, webpage, website, browser, layout, customize

man, boy, calculate, calcuation, abacus, math

man, worship, smartphone, social media, views, likes

man, talk, speech, practice, mirror, reflection

woman, shopping, shop, commerce, ecommerce, economy

man, workspace, computer, monitor, desk, furniture

woman, dance, dancing, celebrate, celebration, happy, emotion

graduation, graduate, man, woman, education, certificate

vr, virtual, reality, glasses, game, woman

celebrate, celebration, woman, dance, happy, emotion

chess, strategy, game, conversation, chat, man, woman

delivery, shipping, box, package, man

man, walk, leash, pet, animal, dog

geography, planet, location, navigation, flag, boy, education

woman, workspace, computer, monitor, desk, furniture

woman, workspace, work, laptop, computer, armchair, home

woman, selfie, smartphone, phone, electronic, device

spraycan, man, woman, romantic, romance, love

man, dancing, dance, movement, celebration

woman, pet, affection, animal, bird, wildlife

woman, umbrella, weather, forecast, rain, protection

conversation, talk, communication, chat, debate, man

man, finance, payment, cash, credit card, purchase

woman, nurse, heart, profession, medical, healthcare

woman, height, giraffe, animal, wildlife, ladder

man, atm, money, finance, machine, cash

dance, woman, celebrate, celebration, happy, emotion

man, movement, celebration, celebrate, dance, dancing, happy

man, truck, delivery, shipping, box, package

man, coding, programming, laptop, computer, idea, lightbulb, code

shield, protection, safety, security, woman

man, talk, speak, speech, conversation, communication, smartphone

woman, megaphone, announcement, marketing, news

woman, airplane, plane, travel, transportation

woman, read, mic, microphone, radio, profession, news

business, man, woman, chart, arrow, graph

man, shopping, bag, groceries, ecommerce, commerce

man, woman, high five, greeting, agreement

girl, child, woman, shorts, education, backpack

man, calendar, date, reminder, notification, event

child, girl, woman, computer, monitor, desk, chair

man, insect, bug, butterfly, wildlife, nature

man, ring, bell, sound, audio, annoncement, notification

man, dance, dancing, celebrate, celebration, happy, emotion, greeting

man, workspace, work, laptop, computer, armchair, home

woman, movement, celebration, celebrate, dance, dancing

presentation, man, projection, arrow, business

woman, scientist, profession, test tube, laboratory, lab

man, pet, affection, animal, hug, carry

man, handshake, greeting, agreement, deal

puzzle, build, man, woman, connect

woman, night, flashlight, light, explore, exploration

man, coffee, drink, beverage, smartphone, navigation, headphone

man, musician, profession, guitar, performer, music, musical

shopping, cart, woman, groceries, ecommerce, commerce

man, money, finance, cash, rich, dollar

man, service, conceriege, profession, occupation, busboy

couple, travel, confirm, map, location, navigation, destination

telescope, man, view, vision, search, find

woman, astronaut, explore, exploration, stars, space

paper airplane, message, memo, woman, game

woman, tap dancing, dance, movement, celebration, dancing

dance, man, celebrate, celebration, happy, emotion

man, airplane, plane, travel, transportation

break up, sadness, man, woman, romance, romantic

smartphone, man, news, announcement, marketing, notification, megaphone

man, point, celebrate, celebration, dance, dancing, movement, happy

superhero, hero, comics, clouds, sky, fly

girl, woman, trophy, award, reward, achievement, ribbon, medal

smartphone, woman, news, announcement, marketing, megaphone

balloon, float, carry, man, cloud, sky

bike, delivery, bicycle, girl, woman, shipping

man, doctor, file, folder, profession, medical, healthcare

achievement, flag, mountain, man, outdoors, activity

man, boy, basketball, sport, game, exercise, activity

boy, magnifier, insect, nature, wildlife, explore, exploration

man, tv, television, entertainment, electronic, device, home

woman, wifi, no connection, connection, internet, smartphone

woman, release, bird, animal, freedom, fly

woman, surprise, shock, box, package, unbox

man, video, smartphone, location, selfie, social media

woman, social media, dislike, smartphone, thumbs down

woman, sweep, clean, cleaning, broom, housekeeping

woman, design, painter, profession, paintbrush, paint

girl, woman, write, draw, blackboard, education

woman, drink, beverage, coffee, tea, home, comfort

unbox, package, box, social media, restaurant, location, time, woman

man, maintenance, settings, options, preferences, gear, screwdriver

woman, science, scientist, lab, laboratory, experiment

beach, message, money, finance, holiday, vacation

man, suit, tie, credit card, payment, finance

man, electrician, electricity, maintenance, wrench, construction

woman, girl, biology, skeleton, education

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