Zima Blue illustrations 2

150  illustrations elements
150   Scenes

An elemental pack that fuses the simple outline with an almost hand drawn element that resembles a chalky outline. These illustrations stay muted with their soft monotone colors that makes sure they don’t distract your designs.

Zima blue illustrations are made with attractive simplicity that will make a great addition to any design project you might be working on, very easy to use as empty state illustrations for websites. With a variety of characters doing actions and scenes, you are able to create your own storyline and since all our illustrations are completely editable, you can customize them however you want.
We included ready made Sketch and Adobe XD libraries along with Ai vector source and SVG PNG formats.

This is our absolute winner illustrations pack and we will be publishing regular updates to add more illustrations to it 😉

🚀 Update log

Zima Blue ver 1 - 100 Scenes - March 2020
Zima Blue Ver 2 - 50 new Scenes - July 2020

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 2
  • 25% Discount on Roundicons.com icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

paint, brush, art, woman, design

paper airplane, message, memo, woman

woman, female, person, trash, can, rubbish, garbage, bag

chemistry, lab, laboratory, experiment, woman

man, male, person, view, vision, search, research, find, explore

alert, warning, construction, maintenance, man

man, male, person, flame, fire, struggle, challenge, business

multi tasking, tasking, woman, survey

woman, female, person, announcement, marketing, newsletter, shout, protest, communication

diving, exploration, explore, man

bird, animal, man, wildlife

trash, can, garbadge, man

project, presentation, man, business

lock, key, privacy, safety, man

target, achievement, mountain, flag, woman

lightbulb, idea, thought, woman

lock, key, protection, privacy, man

pie chart, chart, graph, man

woman, female, person, document, page, paper, business, analytics

gardening, woman, watering, plant

save, download, arrow, man

view, research, scan, woman

man, male, person, dig, shovel, plant, gardening

trophy, award, achievemenet, award, man

money tree, finance, money, plant, woman

martial arts, fitness, exercise, woman

paint, money, finance, man

increase graph, graph, chart, arrow, man

woman, female, person, mother, motherhood, parenting, baby, infant, love, message

woman, female, person, badminton, sport, game, exercise, fitness

woman, female, person, smartphone, phone, photography, pet, dog

man, male, person, edit, pencil, note, write, notes, notebook

fight, security, protection, safety, shield, man

credit card, cash, finance, man

choose, survey, choice, woman

layers, graphic, design, tools, person

heart, favourite, like, social media, man

choice, choose, hand gesture, survey

gardening, plant, ecology, man

woman, female, person, sign, signage, attention, marketing

design, edit, draw, pencil, man

meditation, meditate, yoga, man

woman, computer, laptop, workspace

man, male, person, director, movies, movie, entertainment

settings, options, preferences, wrench, man

message, email, mail, woman

woman, female, light, lightbulb, lighting, electricity, turn on, idea

notification, bell, ring, alert, man

swimming, woman, activity, hobby

boat, fishing boat, man, travel, transportation

man, male, person, laptop, computer, desk, workspace

man, male, person, magnet, magnetic, attract, attraction, business

research, find, magnifier, search, man

man, male, person, electricity, electric, screwdriver, maintenance, construction

swimming, diving, man, activity

deadline, time, clock, hourglass, woman

location, marker, pin, woman

calendar, date, appointment, woman

filter, sort, woman, person

meditation, meditate, yoga, woman

man, male, person, lock, protection, security, locked, padlock, key

folder, file, woman, page

woman, female, person, electricity, electric, plug, charge, power, energy

document scan, document, paper, page, man

duplicate document, document, paper, page, woman

woman, female, person, message, email, envelope, communication

business, man, office, suit

cloud, storage, data, woman

man, male, person, flag, celebration, celebrating, wave, direction, attention

weather, forecast, woman, rain, cloud

bus, transport, travel, transportation

woman, female, person, calculate, calculations, receipt, paper, page

question, information, info, woman

woman, falling, female, person

analytics, statistics, man, arrow, graph

notification, ring, bell, alert, woman

maintenance, screwdriver, settings, options, man

shield, security, protection, safety, woman

directions, navigation, pointer, arrow, man

diving, exploration, explore, woman, activity

scan, x ray, body scan, security, man

announcement, megaphone, woman, marketing

woman, female,person, refresh, sync, files, arrows, folder, image

savings, finance, money, piggy bank, woman

magician, magic, trick, woman

bicycle, bike, woman, transportation

bicycle, bike, man, travel, transportation

wrench, settings, options, man

balloon, entertainment, man, celebration

airdrop, parachute, package, delivery

woman, female, person, windmill, wind, weather, forecast, entertainment, toy, game

woman, female, person, laptop, computer, desk, workspace

walk, activity, fitness, man

man, male, person, race, racing, achievement, cloud

woman, female, person, ruler, measure, measurement, geometry

man, male, person, settings, options, preferences, image, layout, configuration

man, male, person, tv, television, monitor, screen, watch, leisure, entertainment

heart, favourite, social media, woman

sunbathing, sun, beach, holiday, vacation, woman

graph, chart, woman, statistics

man, male, person, atm, machine, finance, financial, transaction

telephone, communication, call, man

calculator, calculation, man, math, accounting

woman, female, person, tablet, leisure, relax, reading, electronic, device, home, window

customer service, service, headphone, computer, man

man, sad, cry, crying, unhappy, emotion, social, depression

atm, machine, man, finance

document, paper, page, woman

woman, female, person, umbrella, protection, weather, forecast

calendar, appointment, date, man

bike, bicycle, man, transportation

woman, computer, laptop, desk

man, pet, dog, walking dog

dashboard, speed, performance, man

astronaut, exploration, explore, woman

paper airplane, message, memo, man

woman, female, person, tree, pick, fruit, food

map, blueprints, man, paper, plant

write, textbook, book, notebook, woman

man, male, person, music, audio, sound, entertainment, electronic, device, speaker

arcade, game, machine, man

man, male, person, balloons, balloon, decoration, decor, party, celebration

man, male, person, gaming, arcade, machine, entertainment

woman, female, person, wall, read, newspaper, paper

guitarist, guitar, man, musician

online shopping, commerce, ecommerce, basket, woman

man, male, person, drone, fly, game, toy, controller, control

man, male, person, father, fatherhood, parenting, love, message, family

launch, start up, rocket, transportation, man

woman, female, person, surprise, unbox, box, package, parcel, delivery

man, male, person, smartphone, electronic, device, phone, mobile

basketball, player, woman, ball, game, sport

man, male, person, sorting, sort, storage, filing, file

umbrella, protection, safety, security, woman

man, male, person, waiter, staff, restaurant, service, food, meal

hiker, hitchhiker, travel, woman

handshake, agreement, man, woman, business, deal

man, male, person, present, gift, box, delivery

woman, female, person, arrow, folder, file, upload, transfer

vending machine, machine, drink, beverage, woman

woman, female, person, laugh, happy, emoticon, emotion, emoji, message, social, media

man, male, person, painting, hanging, frame, image, picture, photography

man, male, person, music, audio, sound, entertainment, drink, beverage

investigator, man, scan, research

scan, search, find, man

like, hand gesture, social media, woman

woman, female, person, shopping, clothes, clothing, fashion, percentage, sale, discount

dials, options, preferences, man

woman, female, person, shopping, shop, ecommerce, cart

shopping, ecommerce, commerce, basket, man

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