Outfitter characters

80  illustrations elements
80   Characters

If you enjoy a more minimalistic style and clean outlines, then outfitter illustrations is the pack for you. These 80 cute characters have soft lines and a modest feel that makes sure that they don’t overpower whatever design project you use them in.

The Outfitter Illustration Pack is great for adding characters to your designs (no backgrounds needed). This collection of characters has a big variety of people that not only have a friendly air about them but they are definitely waiting for the perfect designer to help them achieve their full potential. All illustrations are vector which makes them super easy to edit, adjust, scale them however you prefer.
A great tool to build empty state illustrations or create scenes where people interact with each other, also can be used in explainer and guide pages.

The Pack includes Figma, Sketch, Adobe Xd ready made libraries and SVG, Ai vector formats + PNG with transparent backgrounds.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on Roundicons.com icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


These are the essense of each of our illustrations, the main actors that deliver your message. We really care about character design and try to include as many position, actions and diversity as we can, this way we make sure that you have everything you need to create a nice illustration. If we missed a character or a pose just send us an e-mail and we'll add it I our future updates.

man, protection, safety, shield, security

woman, edit, pencil, design

woman, briefcase, suitcase, bag

woman, coin, finance, payment

man, plant, pot, agriculture

woman, dribble, ball, play

woman, trophy, award, reward, achievement

man, payment, shopping, ecommerce

woman, cash, payment, finance

woman, dial, preferences, options

man, arrow, analytics, statistics

man, button, press, click, select

woman, call, phone, telephone, communication

man, edit, pencil, design

woman, present, gift, package

man, package, box, delivery, cart

man, trophy, award, reward, achievement

man, design, paint, art

man, mirror, beauty, male

woman, swirl, female, person

woman, groceries, shopping, female

man, male, person, point

man, smartphone, phone, male

man, credit card, payment, finance

man, paper airplane, memo, message

woman, notification, bell, alert, sound

woman, rating, review, star

man, lock, privacy, protection, safety

man, presentation, project, business

man, briefcase, suitcase, bag

woman, plant, pot, agriculture

man, read, newspaper, paper

woman, box, package, delivery

woman, lock, privacy, protection, safety

woman, protection, safety, shield, security

woman, smartphone, phone, female

woman, presentation, project, business

man, pointing, male, person

woman, pointing, female, person

woman, umbrella, protection, safety

man, rating, review, star

woman, design, paint, art

man, stairs, upstairs, male

man, dribble, ball, play

woman, female, person, point

man, cash, payment, finance

man, read, paper, male

man, coin, finance, payment

woman, clock, time, deadline

man, umbrella, protection, safety

man, clock, time, deadline

woman, swirl, person, female

man, settings, gear, options, preferences

woman, shopping, ecommerce, cart

man, chat, text, communication

woman, computer, laptop, chair

woman, atm, machine, female

man, groceries, shopping, male

man, dial, preferences, options

woman, document, paper, page

man, document, paper, page

man, present, gift, package

woman, payment, shopping, ecommerce

woman, mirror, beauty, female

man, call, phone, telephone, communication

woman, read, paper, female

woman, settings, gear, options, preferences

man, atm, machine, male

man, notification, bell, alert, sound

woman, credit card, payment, finance

woman, package, box, delivery, cart

man, box, package, delivery

woman, read, newspaper, paper

man, shopping, ecommerce, cart

woman, arrow, analytics, statistics

woman, chat, text, communication

woman, stairs, upstairs, female

woman, paper airplane, memo, message

man, computer, laptop, chair

woman, button, press, click, select

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