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You can’t go wrong when using hand drawn chalky illustrations. These illustrations are rather on the simple side but their metaphors and designs are crystal clear.

If you are looking for a simple design that still speaks volumes, look no further. The Chalk illustrations might not have many elements in them, but you can’t deny that they will fit in any design project. With chalky designs and coloring, these illustrations are unique and add that thing that you feel your project might be missing. These make perfect empty state illustrations for your website design.
All illustrations are downloadable in original vector files for easy editing and recoloring, we also included SVG, PNG and Sketch files so you can just start using them as libraries in your favorite design software.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .ai .sketch .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

profit, growth, finance, money, savings

contact us, connection, customer service, service, hand gesture

trick, magic, rabit, magician

achievement, success, target, mountain, climb

clickbait, advertisement, marketing, fishing, fish

obstacle, storm, problem, danger, warning

patience, process, time, care, hand gesture

greed, ambition, rise, money, finance

calculation, accounting, math, mathematics, counting

item picked, shopping, purchase, ecommerce, commerce

vip, member, customer, value, consumer

vr world, virtual, reality, glasses

delivery, truck, ecommerce, commerce, transport, transportation

deep dive, research, diving, plunge

shop, online, store, ecommerce, application

performance, power, energy, fist, hand gesture

transportation, transport, alien, ship, spaceship

waste management, recycle, recycling, trash, rubbish

keywords, tags, marketing, audience, client

protection, city, umbrella, security, safety

improvement, cloud, rise, kite, fly

proceed, execute, button, click, press

target audience, addication, social media, commerce, ecommerce

investment, payment, money, finance, hand out

feedback, likes, comment, social media, social network

payment, finance, money, credit card, cash

city, building, location, moon, night, cloud

understanding, empathy, sharing, community, acceptance

diagram, table, graph, chart, arrow

organization, control, big brother, business

habit, ui, phone, telephone, smartphone, addiction

power abuse, business, capitalism, hand gesture

accommodation, location, pin, marker, review, rating

activity, hobby, sport, vacation, tourist, holiday

multitasking, guitar, singing, tasks, business

preserving, maintenance, plant, ecology, care, hand gesture

feedback, conversation, talk, ear, mouth

reduce plastic use, plastic, ecology, plastic bag, danger

interaction, text, hollow, message, chat, conversation

food, meal, egg, bread, garnish

nature, ecology, mountain, sun, cloud

ecology, nature, planet, tree, community

passive aggressive, danger, warning, bomb, smiley

prospect, opportunity, view, vision, ladder

home, captivity, bird, cage, protection

strategy, business plan, chess, game, business

alternative energy, power, industry, factory, power plant

small business, business, capitalism, little guy

routine, robot, ai, work, computer

vision, presentation, visual, camera, advertisement

deadline, pressure, weight, clock, time

privacy, surveillance, visibility, eye, lock

progress, reward, climbing, promotion, business

bad deals, agreement, warning, cut, hand gesture

customer safety, consumer, protection, safety, account

brainstorm, idea, thought, innovation, innovative

shared profit, equality, cut prices , divide, sharing

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