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One of our most detailed yet simplified illustration packs. The name says it all every illustration tells a story from our daily life, our aim to create a library of illustrations that could be used in every project.

Stories feature beautifully drawn characters mixing harmoniously between outlines and colors with a light line background that doesn't take the attention from the main illustration. This pack is planned to extend to reach around 500 illustrations with our monthly free updates.

We focused on education, daily life, outdoor activities, business, activities, work from home and success topics for these illustrations. Our next update will bring more sports, artificial intelligence, problem solving, social media and many more scenes.

We included the Ai ( Adobe illustrator) source file all layered and easy to change the colors and edit the illustrations, also the regular formats such as SVG, PNG, Sketch, Iconjar and Figma libraries.
Enjoy using these illustrations and telling your stories 😉

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

vr, virtual reality, glasses, gear, gaming, pet, woman

man, box, package, delivery, male, shipping

box, package, present, animal, bunny, rabbit, woman

finance, growth, investment, plant, money, woman

business, presentation, man, woman, projection, man, male

mail, box, package, delivery, man, mailbox, inbox

travelling, airplane, woman, travel, chair, female

bicycle, bike, girl, woman, child, backbag

basketball, sport, game, exercise, activity boy, guy

stars, telescope, boy, child, astrology, star, sign

paint, painting, art, woman, female, paint brush

woman, female, diving, activity, sport

superhero, hero, woman, cape, action

education, diploma, boy, guy, man, certificate, college

man, enter, entrance, door, steps, home

library, books, book, bookshelf, woman, girl

woman, box, package, delivery, female, shipping

folder, file, employment, business, smartphone, man

umbrella, weather, forecast, raining, woman, female

woman, location, pointer, navigation, smartphone, skateboard

investigate, privacy, investigator, detective, man, magnifier

child, girl, activity, toy, game, puppet

pet, man, dog, love, like, heart, animal

calendar, reminder, date, appointment, woman, smartphone

read, reading, book, magazine, lamp, girl

animal, pet, feed, treat, bird, man, male

car, vehicle, travel, transport, transportation, man, male

savings, saving, bank, piggybank, woman, female

mute, sound, audio, volume, man

dating, application, love, romance, smartphone, drink, beverage, man, woman

alert, warning, danger, notification, marketing, megaphone, business, man

kite, flying, activity, outdoors, man, boy

options, preferences, settings, dial, turn on, turn off, woman

newspaper, news, paper, article, man

download, cloud, storage, media, multimedia, woman

notification, comment, dislike, smartphone, woman, female

education, learning, boy, child, alphabet, toy, game

achievement, travel, flag, mountain, hiking, woman

cleaning, clean, spray, housekeeping, man, hygiene

gardening, flower, floral, woman, female

geography, education, school, global, boy, child

centaur, creature, mythical, shield, protection, safety

astronaut, exploration, explore, outer space, planets, man

man, climbing, climb, mountain, activity, sport

lightbulb, thought, idea, innovation, man

map, travel, navigation, compass, location, man

reminder, calendar, notification, bell, woman

rating, review, star, like, comment, social media, woman

calculas, abacus, math, mathematics, man, boy, education

puzzle, plug in, woman, female, create

woman, female, mermaid, treasure, bird

crowd surfing, jump, water, man, swimming, sport, exercise, man

idea, thought, innovation, lightbulb, man, manual, instructions

man, computer, gaming, game, gamepad, monitor

online, shopping, shop, ecommerce, credit card, sale

coding, code, computer, laptop, woman, workspace, pet

research, bug, insect, man, magnifier, biology

fishbowl, fish, pet, feed, woman, female

woman, direction, pointer, navigation, location, smartphone

upload, storage, cloud, media, multimedia, man, male

safe, vault, woman, window, home, safety, protection

drums, drum, musical, music, instrument, man

drone, electronic, device, controller, man, game, toy

rocket, game, toy, remote, control, controller, woman

customer service, service, customer, headphone, monitor, computer

maintenance, gear, settings, options, preferences, screwdriver, man

workspace, woman, chair, laptop, drink, beverage, home

woman, social, media, network, smartphone, likes, favourite

guitar, electronic, instrument, musical, entertainment, woman

tablet, man, chair, window, home, drink, beverage

ufo, alien, spaceship, telescope, discover

dance, dancing, headphone, music, audio, entertainment

trophy, award, reward. achievement, winner, prize, woman

chess, strategy, casual, game, woman, drink, beverage

mother, child, love, child care, baby, woman, female

man, layout, media, multimedia, video, settings

woman, avocado, cut, knife, fruit, healthy, organic

fishing, fish, boat, pole, man, male, activity

skeleton, education, girl, child, biology, school

ruler, measurement, measure, tool, man

message in a bottle, message, bottle, email, mail, envelope, woman

typing, typewriter, writer, man, work, overtime

bank, investment, money, finanace, increase, man

drawer, cupboard, woman, shapes, shape

employee, business, foot, folder, file, man

vacation, holiday, abroad, laptop, work, man, beach, location

security, internet, protection, safety, incognito, woman

internet, wifi, woman, disconnect, no internet, offline

chemistry, lab, laboratory, experiment, girl, child

browser, webpage, website, man, arrows

travel, travelling, airport, luggage, baggage, woman, female

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